Human Migration and French Canadians Essay

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31. Why early nineteenth-century immigrant vessels were termed "floating coffins”?

Termed "floating coffins," early nineteenth-century immigrant vessels usually arrived in American ports rampant with contagious disease.Port communities feared their arrival each year. The North American cholera epidemics of the 1830s and typhus epidemics of the 1840s were likely imported on boats carrying immigrants.

32. Where, how, and why did one of the greatest immigration tragedies in Canadian history occur?

One of the greatest immigration tragedies in Canadian history occurred in 1847, when some 40 sailing vessels lined the St. Lawrence River in preparation for landing at the Grosse-Ile immigration processing station. The ships carried typhus; that year, alone, some 5,000 immigrants-mostly Irish-died on the island.

33. Describe immigrant journey in the steam railways ‘immigrant-class rail cars.

Although steamships and railways greatly reduced travel time, immigrants journey aboard ship and in immigrant-class rail cars was usually crowded and uncomfortable.

34. Why historians of immigration often distinguish between "migrants" and "immigrants" when they study people who entered the country?
Historians often distinguish between migrants and immigrants because they are both different concepts immigrants is people entering a country while migrants usually implies something temporary, like migrant labour, or someone who moves about all over in search of work. The same goes with immigrants and emigrants they are both two different concepts because emigrants is the opposite of immgrants, it is when someone is leaving the country.

35. Why many Canadians moved and settled in US around 1880s?

Between 1861 and 1901, poor economic prospects encouraged almost a quarter million people to leave the Maritime provinces, most of them moving to the United States. In the same period, almost 400,000 French Canadians left rural areas of Quebec to find jobs in the