Human Mitochondrial Dna Haplogroup and Ship Money Essay

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wawgfawsgwawgagaw‘Charles’ ability to finance his government effectively and without too much resentment during the personal rule was a remarkable achievement’ How far do you agree with this opinion? anger or annoyance provoked by what is perceived as unfair treatment

The focus of the question is on the contentious subject of financing government in the years 1629-40. Responses are likely to focus on the considerable increase in royal revenue to nearly £1million a year and the achievement or a surplus over expenditure, in addition to the building and maintenance of an effective fleet in peace-time. The different sources for this improvement - Distraint of Knighthood, Forest Fines, Ship Money, Wardship etc. and improved customs revenue are all likely to figure.

Some may point out the precarious nature of the surplus and the prerequisite of peace. The degree of resentment is likely to be hotly debated, with much offered on Hampden and the famous Ship Money Case. Against this there may be comment on the relative lack of resistance and the remarkably passive behaviour of much of the country at least until 1638/9. Responses at L1 and L2 are likely to be characterised by limited range/depth of support and/or lack of focus on the question. Level 2 answers are likely to offer an accurate description of the financial expedients adopted while those at L3 will have adequate focus and support, despite some narrative or descriptive passages. Responses at this level will clearly