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Kelsey Haass
English 1310
16 October 2014
John Locke’s Idea of Human Nature
Moral character is birthed from the forum called life. In accordance with the ideology of the philosopher, John Locke, life’s experiences are met to create the beings we have grown to become. Essentially, his theory states that the human mind starts out as tabula rasa and the senses we encounter create the knowledge we soon come to know. Personal experiences I have lived through and those who have lived past our country’s progression of integration stand as prime examples of Locke’s ideas; in comparison to Hobbes’ belief that human nature derives from a continuous state of war.
A child’s mind is one of the most influential and important parts of a society. Children observe their elders so they can learn to walk or drive; become a normal functioning person. This is Locke’s idea that we learn from what we see, hear, touch and smell and this knowledge creates our morality. For example, my brother and I grew up in two different households because our parents divorced when we were very young and impressionable. Going back and forth between our mom and dad’s house was hard for us as kids because we never had a stable upbringing. In other words, we despised being the medians of communication between them and that we were not one big happy family. As a result, my brother has told me that he never wants to have kids because he does not want to have the chance “to fuck