Human Nature Essay

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It’s In Our Nature Human nature is a very complex thing that is not easily defined. It is typically defined as the tendencies of humans to behave certain ways in certain situations- to act according to their surroundings. There are a number of stereotypes that accompany human nature- some of which are confronted in the literature over realism. For example, the notion that Americans are all obnoxious and airheaded (like in Daisy Miller, A Study) is a presumption commonly brought about in today's society, despite the fact that the story was written ages ago. Also, the way John treats his wife in The Yellow Wallpaper, alongside the way she slowly descends into madness at the oppression she faces in light of her illness are both prime examples of basic human nature. There are certain ways that most humans will always behave, such as with judgement, obnoxiousness, control, and weakness- all of which are stereotypical and commonly seen in today's society, and also in realism literature In "Daisy Miller", Winterbourne is fascinated by the main character, Daisy Miller, due to her dual nature of virtue and immaturity. She runs around flirting with boys, while maintaining the stance of innocence. This is so exceedingly common amongst American girls her age. It isn't a rarity to find a girl who will pretend to be sweet and harmless and innocent, whilst running around and misbehaving at the same time. This is exactly what Daisy Miller does. In The Yellow Wallpaper,