Human Operating System Essay

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God is mostly unseen Supernatural power and can be a Scientific-Almighty !
If you, observe and try to logically reason or analyse/ synthesise the observations of our mother nature and the Universe, Science stops answering, where the so called God starts answering, which we can say the Scientific-Almighty fills-up all unknown and inaccessible areas of our knowledge or imaginations !
The religions are like the different Operating systems of computers- like Windows, Macintosh, Unix / Linux, etc,.
So, the religions, atheism, vegetarianism, European-ism, Asian-ism or any such beliefs and thinking, indicate following some form of Human Operating system suitable for the people's life and better lives.
The life's Operating system is to guide for better happy, healthy and prosperous life, basing on the research reports or books published by famous people. The human operating system also tries to take advantage of leverage of the mass support, if possible- just like bigger the co-operative society, larger are the dividends and chances of peace & security!
The God is the result of the logical thinking of so many people of the world. So we can say it is the result of our scientific research to find the Ultimate Truth of Life and the Universal activities, matter, spirit, medium, Stars, Planets, Space, Radiation, and all that is visible or Invisible; Accessible or Inaccessible; Describable or Unimaginable!
Normally, every human being tries to be reasonable or rational in thinking, acting or behaving in the world.
To know whether you are rational or irrational, you can check as follows:
If you can explain the reasons and logic behind your action or doing, and if your activity is not depending on mere beliefs, but on some standard scientific basis, and if that is the action any body in your position,…