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Homosexual Scenes should be Shown on Australian Tv Homosexuality is a very controversial topic which has brought up lots of arguments on whether it should be shown on Tv or not. As this article mentions, channel ELEVEN has made cuts to the episode of “I do” of the GLEE show.I agree with what has the editor discussed.
Homosexuality sex scenes are no different than the Heterosexual ones, thus there’s no reason on why the mustn’t be on Tv. One of the main reasons which I believe homosexuality sex scenes should be shown on Tv is because choosing to be a gay or a lesbian person is definitely not a wrong choice. We’re living in a generation which people are free and have absolute rights to choose and decide for their own lives. Thus, judging Homosexuals is not right, because those people have rights to love whoever they want and decide for their own love lives. Other countries such as United States, who made this film have shown all of the sex scenes then why shouldn’t we broadcast them on
Australian Tv? Another evidence that also supports homosexuality sex scenes on Tv is when people complained about the cuts that were made to GLEE on Facebook. People disagreed on the discrimination towards the Homosexuals and stated that watching gay or lesbian sex scenes on tv doesn’t offend them. These examples demonstrate that most people don’t have an issue with the sex scenes on Tv, thus there’s no reason to cut them out. Another major reason which why homosexual sex scenes should be treated no different than heterosexual scenes, is that a very high percentage of population are either homosexual or bisexual which indicates a high percentage of people already want homosexual scenes on Tv and most of the rest of the population don’t have an issue with watching it on tv. Just like the sex scenes between make and female, show