Human relations and supervision Essay

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2. I do agree with this contension simply because, the delegation of duties from one person to another is not something that everyone posseses. And it is not something you can learn, even over time, it just comes naturally. It is a very important thing to have when it comes to being a supervisor too, because it is essentially what a supervisor does is delgate duties to employees.
3. Empowerment is what is delegated from supervisor to lower levels of employees and it goes hand and hand with delegation and with empowerment comes great trust from the supervisor to the employee that has been delegated. I do feel that it is important to succesful delegation for the fact that it distrubutes the load of supervision a tad bit and builds good trust between workers and supervisors.
4. I disagree with that statement. There is a reason there is a "chain of command." if everyone went to the upper boss in command for every little issue instead of going to there supervisor, then the upper boss would be dealing with simple issues that distract him from doing his job and then the supervisor on the other hand can handle the little issues faster and easier and in case there is an issue that is to large for him to handle then he can take it up the chain of command. exercise 9-1 i would choose to simply work harder and improve the reports and make sure there are no errors the next time. This is just in my nature to take critism even if they are negative…