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Human Resource Management
Andres Ramirez, Laura Felix, and Priscilla Almanzar
April 1, 2014
Victor M. Pacheco, PhD
Human Resource Management There are many contributing factors that make a successful company. Employees are a crucial and important element that can make a company flourish, such employees are recruited through the human resource department (HR). HR is in charge of policies and procedures that come with hiring new employees. This department must have knowledge of ethical and unethical techniques when it comes to hiring new personnel. For our company our HR department has set the following procedures and policies.
Our Human Resources department will have the opportunity to conduct an interview to candidates. Now, the interview process will consist of two interviews, one will be conducted over the telephone and the final interview will be done with one of our hiring managers in person. This interview process will allow for the company to interview all applicants regardless of their qualifications and also allow the company to select the best candidates for the positions, once all the interview process and the necessary test have been completed, a job offer will be presented. The job offer will be based primarily on experience, expertise, and education. The offer also will be open for discussion with the candidate depending with qualifications and will be determined by hiring manager. This job offer process will allow the best qualifying candidates to be evaluated individually based on their qualifications, and will eliminate employees with different educational backgrounds to obtain similar compensation. For this company, we have strong values and morals; therefore, we expect the same values and morals to be upheld by our employees. How do we get the proper people with the best intentions to work for us? With the assistance of our HR hiring procedures. Any individual can apply for any position they believe they have the experience of doing; however, with the use of the pre-employment back ground checks and aptitude tests we have set in motion, we will be able to narrow our potential employees to a limited few. For the company, this check will save on resources, for example, monetary saving and time and effort. A back ground check is a financial and criminal investigation of an individual’s past. This is a necessity that potential employees must face. A background check will help eliminate potential candidates who have committed a crime or may have had financial difficulties in their past. Our company has a standard to uphold, and the even the slightest offense can hurt that reputation that we have worked so very hard for. A background check will also reflect any dishonesty the applicant has committed. Due to the fact that this background investigation will search any issues that they may have previously had, once again, even the smallest fib, although might not be significant to them, may hurt our company standards. Similarly, pre-employment aptitude tests will further screen out questionable candidates. An aptitude test is an exam given to potential candidates in order to assess if they will contain the skills necessary to conduct the job, after properly trained. The aptitude test can be anywhere from 30 to 60 questions, and this will also help assist with any dishonesty the candidate may have committed on the application. It is very difficult to “study” for an aptitude test; therefore, the results contained will be more than likely the candidate’s truthful answer. The background check and aptitude tests are done prior to employment and is practiced by many large companies. While many individuals believe it can be an invasion of their privacy, we must abide by the law and only investigate and test, if their permission has been granted. Their personal information will be handled with care and only those in the proper departments with the proper clearance will be shared