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The advantages of virtual tryouts are the company can see what applicants are best suited for their work environment. Studies have shown when a person tries out online they do better than when they apply with paper and pen. So, with the virtual tryouts the company can see the applicant’s full potential through virtual tryouts. If there were concerns with virtual tryouts with the EEO I don’t think it would be accessible on the market for companies to get. I do believe that the companies that use virtual tryouts do well with them and it helps them a lot more than paper and pen applications do. Companies that already use the virtual tryouts should use them, and should continue to use them. However, there are some companies that should not use virtual tryouts. I believe that fast food restaurants, retail stores, and small businesses should not use virtual tryouts. Case 1 Profit organizations need an appraisal system and so do non-profit organizations. They need it because it is a vital role for the company because it will motivate employees to do their best. Also, an appraisal system helps organizations reach the goals they want to meet. With the appraisal