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Article Review # 1

HR Skills for the Future

Sumathi. V Selvaretnam June 10, 2013

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The article “HR skills for the future”, written by Sumathi V Selvaretnam discussed how the role of future HR managers must evolve along with new business demands.According to the article, the Executive Director for the Institute of Adult Learning in Singapore, Gog Soon Joo says that HR is expected to play certain roles in an organization, some of which include, “contributing to business growth and productivity, drive change management and establish organizational culture”.

The article goes on to state that HR professionals also need to be knowledgeable in the areas finance, legal, and operations. Because of the evolving change in technology, the HR Certification Institute asserts that HR should also evolve and change along with technology.

Also, the effects of the economy on the operating environment requires HR managers to play a role in making sure that the workforce remains employed. Some thing the article states are also important for future HR managers include, global economics, data privacy and security regulations, cross cultural communications, and strategic planning. Another helpful aspect for HR managers to incorporate would be developing themselves as T- Shaped professional which, according to the article is “one who focuses on both attaining deeper expertise as well as holistic development beyond specific industry…