Essay on Human Resource and Business Leaders Are Working Closer Together

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Human Resource and Business Leaders are Working Closer Together

Time, something that constantly going doesn’t wait for any one. Its sixty seconds in a minute, sixty minutes to an hour, twenty-four hours in a day, seven days a week, four weeks in a month, and twelve months in a year. All of this said to point out the fact that time is only on one mission and that is to move on, to continue to evolve. As times continue to pass there is one thing that could also be guaranteed and that is change. As the times have changed so have the organizations, and the organization would reflect with the times generally reflect. The business needs would change accordingly, thus the expectation from the business leaders would have to adjust as well. In 2012, human resource and business leaders are working closer together to optimize on the company’s ROI (Return on Investment), although there may be some difficulties when it comes to resistance to change. But ultimately the HR department and Business leader are working closer together than ever before. Now no one doubts that the bar has been raised on human resources. The HR profession began with HR professionals focusing on terms and conditions of work so that employees would feel fairly treated as well as mesh well with the business needs. “Today, the business world faces enormous change, and HR professionals must do more than manage employee terms and conditions.” (Ulrich, Brockbank, Johnson & Younger, 2007)
The research objective is to identify, in terms of the relevant literature, whether in 2012, are human resources and business leaders working closer together. The specific aim of this research is to review the current literature and some research by very reputable researchers to be able to first identify some of the expectation that are set forth for both the Human Resource department as well as the business leaders and understand some of the methods used to fuse these teams closer together. The current state of leadership skills of human resource managers and practitioners from the business leaders stand point must cohabitate with one another to have a functioning organization. “The past few years have been challenging ones for businesses around the world. Yet, today, there is renewed optimism among executives with regard to the economy. Indeed, many economic indicators point to a strengthening of demand in numerous industry segments, giving executives hope that the worst is behind them. (Jensen, 2005)” By business leaders understanding activities that have transpired during the past few years, that alone could motivate a strong desire not to return to these troubling times. Not only motivate the leaders to want to have a more lucrative experience in their business practice but also to understand the bigger picture. All departments must coincide with one another in order for the vision and the business need could be executed. Identifying the problems and issues where as the human resource practitioners lack as well as excel in will create the experience or the skills to equip themselves and employees for any assignments.
The manners in which business are conducted in today’s society businesses had to realign their upper management and functionality, become innovative, integrated as well as proactive. There are so many people who have normal job functionality however the feeling of uncertainty is overwhelming. These people don’t have the confidence in the economy thus leaving them with unsettled emotions for job security. The human resource departments are now required to work more diligently to maintain the cohesiveness within the organization.
HR practices are becoming more integrated, aligned, and innovative. HR departments are operating more like a business within the business, with a clear strategy and channels of distribution. HR professionals are being asked to help businesses compete, and to do so, HR professionals must not only observe, but also understand…