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The Aural Learner
Sally is an aural learner. She noticed that she has to read aloud. Nakelya found out when she was young, probably during her elementary school years. To get ready for tests and or quizzes, she would have to read and write everything down and repeat aloud several times for memorizing purposes. Nakelya has taken online courses before and has done fairly well, even though aural learners have difficulty with this. The way she goes about it when writing is to read aloud what she writes, to see if it sounds good.
Learning Strategies
According to Fleming (2011), the aural learning style is when, “a preference for information that is "heard or spoken.” Students with this modality report that they learn best from lectures, tutorials, tapes, group discussion, email, using mobile phones, speaking, web chat and talking things through. It includes talking out loud as well as talking with yourself. Often people with this preference want to sort things out by speaking, rather than sorting things out and then speaking.
If you know which learning style you or a person you are working with have, can help be a better student, worker, or teacher. To learn and retain more information, it is important to use the learning style that that person has. For example according to Priddy (n.d.), “the aural learner could have more difficulty in an online class”. Research was made by Diaz and Cartal (1999), and their outcome was that the people that are more