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Human Resource Management is defined as the process of managing human talent to achieve an organization’s objectives. The importance of Human Resource Management has increased over the years due to the fact that HRM has changed their ways. The human resource department is in charge of certain areas of the company involving planning recruitment, staffing, job design, training and development, appraisal, communications, compensation, benefits, and labor relations. In order to succeed the HRM teams respond to issues strategically rather than operational. It is important that one in the business world studies and is knowledgeable about Human Resource Management because everyone that is a manger plays a key role when recruiting, hiring, and training. There are many challenges that face the human resource world. These challenges include, responding strategically to changes in the marketplace, competing, recruiting, and staffing globally, setting and achieving corporate social responsibility and substantially goals, and advancing with technology. In order to overcome these challenges the HRM departments work hard to stay “on their feet” with all of the advances in the business world. In order to face their first challenge HRM departments have an actual understanding of their firms’ business operations as well as strategies. Basically they need to understand the business they work for inside and out. If they use the Six Sigma quality, it will help improve their business. This quality allows one to understand the customer’s needs, doing things right the first time and striving for continuous improvement. Also, by outsourcing and downsizing it will allow the company to bring in new ideas, cut costs, and continue to achieve success. In order to face the challenge of competing, recruiting, and staffing globally they need to make sure they are following employment laws, as well as business practices however, allow the company to adapt to each culture. By following recruiting procedures, it will allow a company to keep up with globalization. For the third challenge faced, the corporate social responsibility of the firm is crucial; this makes the firm act in the best interest of the people and communities affected by its activities. If a firm follows this, it will allow the employees to work harder because they will be pleased with their jobs. The company will not only experience efficiency, the community is more willing to appreciate the company because they are willing to think about the community not just themselves. Lastly, an HRM department needs to stay updated with technology because it will help the department be more effective and fair when making decisions. The collaborative software allows workers to interface and share information with one another electronically. This helps the company pull up any information wherever they are doing a job. The human resources information systems is a computerized system that helps make decisions. This will help a company make decisions electronically and have the same outcome no matter which the person is, it just matters on the action or problem they face. Human Resource Managers help make the working environment safe and fair. In recent lawsuit of Ashby vs. Slipper, Ashby was suing Slipper for sexual harassment. Ashby stated that Slipper was touching him and saying they needed to become closer for work. He also stated that Slipper moaned while touching him. Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature in the working environment. In this case Ashby “felt” as though Slipper was sexually harassment, he made up all of these stories, however the judge found out that Ashby was just trying to bring down the government. This is a recent case that is based in Australia. Sexual harassment is not a light subject in the world. Anyone can experience sexual harassment; in many cases most believe that only a male…