Human Resource Management and Manager Essay

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As a HR manager in a business whether large or small, they take responsibilities for an organization to make it firmly. Obviously,human recourse could not away from people or staff, but one other hand, its not just related with people who work for a company.
A good manager should cover these things in their daily work; the first is ensuring the numbers of staff fits the need of whole company. That means draw a big picture of organization to certain what types employees being need and what position is able to provide. Also when the manager doing process of recruiting, selecting and developing people, they need concern about if the people have the skills. Generally, employer doing an effective work and pick a right choice should has experience and ability to distinguish.
Secondly, once the place requires staff, manager makes sure that people are motivated and will contribute on that place. Now a new role has to play by human resource, Training them and developing them, doing a reward system to motivate people who work hard or contribute more. The performance objectives depends on what the manager’s expect, and creative a time line and negotiate with employees. To settle down problems or for the situation changed, the manger need design or reset the hours of employee, longer work time or shift employee.
Next role is administration manager; it is focus on the outcomes of achievement of the objectives planned at first. In the part of area is make sure things is going well…