Essay on Human Resource Management and Microfinance International Corporation

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The role of Human Resources is to select a strong management team; in addition, retaining and selecting capable and talented employees in order to accomplish goals for the company.
Therefore, human resources department of an organization always find many challenges since consist in all people who perform its activities, important decisions that affect the workforce concern the organization’s Human Resources management function.
This essay is to present my experience interviewing a Human Resources Specialist from a company where I used to work which is Microfinance International Corporation.
Mr. Carlos Alcazar current Human Resources Specialist and Accountant Manager for Microfinance International Corporation brought to the interview very important information of what challenges and conflict Microfinance International finds in a daily basis.
Mr. Carlos Alcazar got his Bachelor in Monterrey Mexico, and his MBA in University of Maryland College Park. He started working for Microfinance International Corporation in Spring 2006 as a Senior Accountant; gradually, and after learning the business within the company he received more responsibilities and duties such as the Human Resources Specialist for Alante Financial one of the business of Microfinance International Corporation.
Microfinance International Corporation is a firm with its head quarters in Washington DC, and its main line of business is Alante Financial that offers remittances and small consumer loans to everyone but its clientele is usually illegal emigrants. In addition, Microfinance International sells remittances software for banks in all over the world.
Current Human Resources Practices
Microfinance International Corporation has a small team of three managers that handles the human resources for the company; additionally, the use an outsource company called Micromanos Corporation located in Rockville in Maryland. Micromanos does the pay roll and refer employees to Alante for positions open. Mr. Alcazar is the last person who decides who to hire.
Once Mr. Carlos Alcazar receives the referrals from Micromanos he start with the job analysis in a systematic way of gathering and analyzing information about content, context, and human requirement of the position open that usually are: tellers, loan officers, branch managers, and people for marketing.
Analyzing the open position helps to find the individual that fit effectively into the stream of the organizational work that needs to be done. This information is used to make job descriptions and job specifications.
Moreover, Mr. Carlos Alcazar uses job analysis to document Human Resources activities in view of the fact that it is important for legal defensibility of an employer’s recruiting and selection procedures, performance appraisal system, employee disciplinary actions, and expenses in part of the basis of the job analysis.
Another important role of Mr. Carlos Alcazar is to handle the budget as to how many people will be needed to staff the organization in the near and distance future, and what skills and abilities will be required. Since Microfinance International Corporation DBA Alante Financial is in a growing pace their goals consist in market development, product development, and diversification strategies; thus, creates an increase in the number of employees as well as the development of new skills.
Furthermore, Mr. Alcazar spend 50% of his time engaged in human resources activities such us evaluating, discipline, and scheduling employees.
Alante Financial relies the other activities of human resources in Micromanos Corp, the company who refers candidates for the positions. In addition, Micromanos Corporation takes care of the legal issues.
Additionally, health and safety regulations, laws regarding employee pensions and