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BHM 324:
Human Resource Management
Challenges and Changes

Joshua Stallard May 26, 2013 Module 1 Case Assignment

Human resource management is significant because it kind of acts as a synergistic entity. All the parts need to be able to work together and communicate to result in a smooth product. Organizational restructuring has impacted staffing in healthcare organizations because it predominately ends up with cutting jobs. The workload becomes so unbearable and employees begin to suffer from stress and eventually burn out. Decreased personnel and increased workload equates to more mistakes being made. People start to cut corners and service is eroded. Production quality slips all the
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Performing an office tour may provide valid information if one pays attention to the applicants body language and interaction with others. Doing a matrix to compare and contrast all your potential employee hires. Take your time to choose the right candidate, a rush job could result in doing the process all over again. Leaders are a tricky situation. Some confuse leaders with managers. These are totally different things, a good manger could be a bad leader and vice of versa. You have to look for certain qualities in a leader. A leader must understand the scope of their responsibility. Leaders need to motivate the people they work for and assist in developing their personnel and inspire them to do better. Leaders analyze purpose and causes and are values driven. Leaders must accept and invite conflict, they must be ambiguous and last but not least ensure their objectives and those of the organization become one in the same. Leaders paint the picture and inspire your stakeholders to do the same. I believe that any body could be a manger but it takes special people to become leaders ! Not everyone is born a leaders you want to follow leaders because you want to, opposed to mangers, you follow them because you have too! This is it because of something called character so when picking a successful leader in health care they must have all the technical aspects of the job and the important