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Case questions and answers Discuss what a manager should do in each of the two Michigan cases. Answer: Office Equipment repair technician Although it is risky but the manager should give him a second chance, because by the nature of job (i.e. job of technician) it does not seem that he would be in direct contact with potential victims. It is risky because the job is a field job that is visiting other organizations and repairing their equipments. It is also possible that other organizations might have potential victims in their equipment area. If the technician does something wrong, the image of the employer may get harmed. The manager should test the employee’s future intentions through a question answer
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Employee’s first day at work consisted mostly of filling out paperwork Some new employees waited 2 weeks to get email about the updates regarding their jobs. People who worked remotely sometimes waited weeks or months before meeting their managers.

New hires attend a firstday orientation and then another a month later.

Involvement of CEO

Involvement of CEO at El Paso corporation is not visible.

Problems with old onboarding system

New employees were sitting idle because they didn’t have tools to work

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Interaction with other coworkers.

The new employee logs on to the company’s new hire website and connects with other employees via social networks.

Although it is mentioned in the case that, new hires get an e-mail with links to everything from ordering business cards to joining the credit union. But interaction with other employees can be, and cannot be the part of these links. El Paso Corporation does not use any orientation checklist.

No information is mentioned in the case regarding, how new hires interact with other employees. It may be because of the smaller size of the organization. i.e. 1000 employees.

Use of orientation checklist

Sun Microsystems does not use any orientation checklist.

New hires get a 30, 60, and 90-day training checklist that must be completed on time and signed by their supervisor.

Question .no.2 Are there important ideas missing from all three