Human Resource Management Health Care Paper

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Human Resource Management in Health Care Organizations
Cheree Kofa
Professor Cole

1. Which of the HR models appears most appropriate for managing personnel in a health care organization? Why?
The Counseling Model is the most appropriate model to employ in health care organization, under this model, HR is the advocate for the employees, provides resources to managers for people problems to help resolve disputes. This is important in health care organization, because the total cost of employees represents a large portion of the budget. Happy employee’s produces excellent service, and excellent service produce revenue for the health care organization. 2. Discuss at least three (3) reasons why a department
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In a production-centered situation, a manager priority is keep output moving, processes control the people. Production-center management could never work in healthcare, because healthcare is not cookie cut. People health can’t be treated like an assembly line; health has probability factors that cannot be controlled. 5. Provide at least three (3) examples of activities that proceed most appropriately under people-centered management and discuss whether they are related to healthcare or not.
In people-centered environment, the willingness of the employees to work maintains output instead of the pace. In people-centered situations, the work is often irregular and varies. Not often are two units of output identical, for this reason scheduling output with accuracy is difficult. Job cannot be rigidly defined because demand on workers can be so highly unpredictable. In people-centered environments, employees control the processes. A manager’s primary focus is on people who are producers, rather than machines. Most situations found in a health care organization require people-centered management. In healthcare organization, people primarily control the processes. Therefore, people must be the primary focal point of a successful manager.

6. Describe in detail at least three (3) important uses of complete and up-to-date job descriptions’.
Position descriptions or job