Human Resource Objectives Essay

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1. Human resource management consists of numerous activities. What areas were illustrated by Sam’s schedule on this particular day?

Areas of Sam's job in HR that were illustrated through this case study ranged from responsibilities in the payroll department, hiring new employees, grievances, and working with others. He started his day with a job-related goal, although there was nothing done to work toward it, he still used time management and critical thinking throughout the day. Sam’s schedule on this day covered many areas of Human Resources. The first issue he encountered for the day was personnel accountability; a worker hadn’t shown up for the day and Al the foreman needed a replacement. Sam started to ask other foreman if they could spare any help, but was interrupted with having to check termination reports and never sent a replacement to Al. Before that, he had to address payroll issues, where automatic pay increases hadn’t been included in several workers’ paychecks. During the day, the woman who had hired him called to remind him that he still had to deal with some outstanding grievances. He then met with applicants for some newly posted jobs, and was interrupted by someone who was retiring soon and wanted to talk about pension benefits. He then had to go to a mandatory quality control meeting. When he returned after lunch, he had to review applicants that some supervisors weren’t happy with. He then returned confidential files that were left out to where they are housed. He went back to his desk and met with a Boy Scout troop organizing a rally. He then received a call from the Eastern plant to follow up on employee matters he had handled. All of these activities held him up from starting to plan his management by objectives project to correct the Lakeview plant’s personnel problems, which he’d had to delay over the last few months because he hadn’t had any time.

2. List the areas of ineffective management and time-robbers that are affecting Sam.

The areas of Sam’s ineffective management are first and foremost his inability to clarify and develop solutions to the company’s HR problems, as illustrated by his failure to implement the (MBO) program for over three months. He also failed to address the supervisory training programs, simplify the employee record system, and properly dispose of employee grievance procedures. Sam had the best of intentions; however he was remiss in his duties, as he did not prepare any reports on the above referenced matters or develop planning models with realistic goals. Next, Sam failed to correct or delegate responsibility to provide a replacement for the stockroom foreman, even though he made the representation that he would do so, an action which obviously affected the foreman’s morale. Sam once…