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1. What is the business – technical, professional, service, etc.? Create your business and give it a name. A. Service: Community Education Support Program B. Name: Padres Unidos (Parents United)

2. Start developing a description of the organization (goals, strategy, culture, values, location, environment, product/service). A. Goals: Empower families. Foster self-sufficiency and Mutual Responsibility. Help families achieve emotional, educational, spiritual, social, physical and mental health growth. B. Strategy: Develop a presence in the school districts throughout the US where we can have continuous access to children and their parents. Develop contracts with various counties to establish a referral process for non-court mandated parents who need support. C. Culture: Our company culture should be one of mutual support, empowerment, lifelong learning, and deep desire to help others. D. Values: Respect for individuals and their life stories, Change, Individual responsibility and self-sufficiency, Integrity (doing the right thing), and Human Rights E. Location: Community Center would be headquarters but majority of services are delivered at various school sites. F. Product/Service: Provide education and support to families all areas described under goals.

3. Establish a staffing plan. Determine the positions needed. There is to be a minimum of 35 employees in the organization. A. Chief Executive Officer B. 2 Executive Directors – Programs & Operations C. 9 Directors –