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Questions for Discussion and Reflective Thinking 1. One significant implication of economic globalization for employees of U.S. companies would be job opportunity. Economic globalization increases the marketplace, therefore increasing demand for product, while increasing demand for employees. The second implication would include salary; with higher demand for product brings higher revenue, in which case would leave room for higher salaries. The third implication for employees of U.S. companies would be job variety. As a higher demand is being made, more businesses are being built, allowing the people of the United States more of a variety in their job hunting. 2. For employers, when it comes to technological developments, the implication is lower wages, saving the company money. A lot of technology has been, and continues to be developed which takes the place of an actual person; therefore saving the company money. The implication for employees is a decrease in jobs. 3. I agree that a company can take the diversity within its employees and merge that into one culture. If America was a company, then it would be a company already successfully doing so. The point is to take advantage of the diversity within the corporation. 4. I believe that having a strong vision, mission, and values reflects onto the employees of a company. If a company stresses the importance of customer service, all employees will feel the need to have strong customer service skills. If a company shows no interest in its vision, mission, or values, then they cannot expect an employee to do any different. 5. One issue to be faced with after being acquired by Wal-Mart would be the merging of employees on two different levels; production and values. Both companies are already established in their ways, and so are their employees. Change could be detrimental. Another issue would be keeping or not keeping all employees, and deciding who is going to keep their current roles. The third and most important implication would be customers. Customers need to be comfortable with the acquisition, or profit can be lost.

As time goes on nothing is staying the same, everything we know now may be different in 10 years,