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An action-oriented HRM department focuses on the problems of employees and solutions to resolve them in order to achieve organizational objectives and facilitate development and satisfaction in employees (Ivancevich, 2010). A people-oriented HRM department provides programs and services to cater to individual employees to help satisfy their needs. One example of an action oriented HRM is an employee that is on track to be promoted would be given options to fast track their success. For instance, once they have met all of the qualification to be moved on to the next level, they would not have to wait for the next evaluation period to moved. They could be moved as soon as their manger approves and all appropriate documentation has been sent to Human Resource Team. An example of people oriented HRM would be for the HRM team to give a skill assessment to an employee who is unhappy in their current position. Once the results of these assessments are evaluated, it would help better help find and justify where the employee would be a better fit within the company. This would satisfy the employee’s want for new placement and the company’s needs within certain positions that may need to filled.

Telecommuting has become more and more popular in the work place as technology advances. Some of the issues faced by HRM are how to monitor the performance of an employee, how to make telecommuters feel like part of the team, and how to mentor telecommuters (Ivancevich, 2010). Monitoring a telecommuter’s performance can be solved by setting a play by play timeline for completions of certain jobs. Setting these deadlines and watching the quality