Human Resources Essay

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The Current Status of HR In Your Current or Previous Organization

February 21, 2014

1. Describe the current status of HR in your current or previous organization.
Human Resource management was an effective strategy in a corporation’s innovation and development. Human resource management was from selecting, training, and appraising employees of helping corporations to achieve their business goals. In the previous organization, human resource was a one for core competitiveness, taking many competitive pressures to competitors. For instance, training employees could create many additional values for the organization. For all new employees, they might entrance a new and unfamiliar industry. A good training policy could improve their professional industry skills and knowledge. The human resource manager would train employees to focus on the organization’s task policies and business goals; otherwise, a manager would set a work aim for these new employees, until they could work well in every aspect. In addition, an organization provided a health guarantee could keep employees working a long-term for the same organization. If the human resource department could not provide a legal health guarantee, that when an emergency accident or disease happened in their work time, the legal health guarantee would give them compensation and protect their labor rights. Last status, human resource could control the staff turnover. For many organizations the high staff turnover already became a common issue and made many losses to organizations. So that, human resource management could avoid staff turnover from happening, and to ensure that there was enough workforce for organizations. Many organizations were successful “because they had the knack for hiring the right people and motivating, appraising, and developing them”(Dessler, 2013, p.4). Therefore, human resource was an intangible capital, to conduct organizations to be successful.
2. How does your organization's HR function compare to the information discussed in the reading? Does your organization consider HR as strategic partner? Is there implementation of e-HRM?
In the reading, it described a long time history development of human resource management. In the current situation, human resource was not only a simple employees’ management. For more wider and deeper points, human resource already became a business competitive strategy in organizations. Comparing with the