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Human Resource Management becoming a strategic partner to the company is important, because the HRM department helps meet the goals of the organization, and streamline the process of business. HR is a form of management for the company that assists the organization with planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the strategic direction of the company. HRM partnership with an organization further includes assisting with the growth of the company, employment practices, and compliance with state and federal laws in order to assist with the success of the company. It is important for HRM to be a partner to an organization as the company grows internationally. Many companies are growing and as they do companies are beginning to do business in other countries. The HR functions must become broader in aspect. Many times the HR department may be responsible for ensuring that the employee being transferred is trained and prepared for performing the job duties according to the laws and culture of the country in which the business is operating. As Professor Lawrence stated in the threads, what is customary in one country such as, gestures, food, work ethics, and work status are very different in another country. The company that has an HR department that is knowledgeable to a particular county’s laws and culture will allow the company to conduct business more efficiently within that country.
The organization that has a HR department assisting in staffing, motivating, training, and retaining highly qualified employees for the organization is important to helping the company reach its strategic goals. HRM ability to hire, train and motivate, and retain the right people to perform a job allows for growth and development of the company, and ultimately increases the profits of the company. HRM must find qualified employees to help the company stay in line with its strategic direction. As stated in the Fundamentals of Human Resource Management, “Hiring and keeping good people is critical to the success of every organization.” HRM department must also assist the business with the compliance of state and federal laws regarding requirements concerning hiring and employment practices. A company that has a legally well informed HR department will have fewer penalties and legal issues regarding employee relations.
There are many services provided by human resource management department that benefit the employees of the organizations. Human resource management as Professor Lawrence stated in the threads, “is the people component” of the company.
Recruiting and training the right people helps to increase productivity, and creates a rewarding work environment for all employees (Denzo, D. A. & Robbins). Normally, once the company’s productivity increases that company is able to offer more incentives and awards for the employees. If you are a manager of an organization the human resource department of the company will ensure that your staff and co-workers are properly skilled, trained, and their work ethics are in compliance with the company in which you are employed. Recruiting and retaining the right people helps to create a work friendly environment. The service of training and motivating the company’s employees is a great benefit for all the employees of the company. The training and motivation provided by the HR department allows an employee to excel in their position, and be rewarded through promotions and incentives. The human resource department is also responsible for performance appraisals. Performance appraisals benefits an employee so that are aware of how they are performing within their position whether there is a need for approval through education, or training or whether there will be an increase of income due to excellent work performance.
Human resource management allows for the ethical treatment of the employees employed with an organization. The human resource department is responsible for ensuring that…