Human Resources Assingement 1 Essay

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Within this paper you will find information based on Smart Style a Regis Cooperation Salon only. The reader will find out what Smart Style mission is and the role HR plays in fostering the mission. There will be information based on the challenges Smart Style face in the human resource department along with a solution on how to fix the challenges.
“Regis Corporation owns, operates, and franchises hairstyling and hair care salons for men, women, and children in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Puerto Rico, and internationally. Its salons offer haircutting and styling, including shampooing and conditioning; custom styling, cutting, hair coloring, and waving services; and professional hair care products. The corporation operates salons primarily under the Regis Salons, Supercuts, Master Cuts, Smart Style, Cost Cutters, Hair Masters, First Choice Haircutters, and Magi cuts names in regional shopping malls, strip centers, lifestyle centers, Wal-Mart Supercenters, department stores, mass merchants, and high-street locations. It also owns and operates hair restoration centers, which provide hair systems, hair transplants, and hair therapy services, as well as hair care products. As of December 31, 2012, the corporation owned, franchised, or held ownership interests in approximately 10,000 locations, including 9,259 salons located in North America, 381 international salons, and approximately 245 locations through the corporation’s investment in affiliate (Regis)”
“Smart Style Family Hair Salons are located exclusively in Wal-Mart stores. We are one of the fastest growing divisions in Regis Corporations’ family of brands. Smart style offers quick and convenient no-appointment services at affordable prices (Smart Style)”.
Smart Style mission “Helping people feel good and look their best (Regis Face Book Page)”. The human resource department will have to make sure all of its salons are fully staffed and the staff is happy being a Smart Style employee based on the payroll rate, rewards, and continued education.
‘Smart Style also offers you the rewards, educational opportunities and benefits to help you succeed as a top stylist (Smart Style)”.
Yes Smart Style give you rewards, educational opportunities, and benefits, however the rewards is impossible to achieve, the education is limited, and the hourly pay is too low therefor employees are not signing up for the medical benefits.
Thru observation Smart Style Human Resources challenge are the high turnover rate, low wages, and poor training. Retaining employees is highly difficult for Smart Style. Employee turnover rate is a serious problem. High employee turnover comes at a significantly high cost affecting the corporation overall financial performance. High turnover can also affect the overall performance of the employee; this may be a result from overworked employees who have had increased workloads and responsibilities due to a lack of an active or trained workforce.
My suggestion would be to raise the hourly wage and due away with commission, that way the corporation can keep the current employees, and they will then receive more applicants. By having more applicants the corporation can filter the applicants to the ones that best fit for the corporation, instead of hiring just because the corporation need to fill a spot. The way Smart Style pay now is minim wage for stylist and a few dollars more for managers or commission, which means if your commission don’t outweigh your hourly then you will get paid hourly rate. The corporation requires the employees to get and stay in commission, and if not in commission they will be written up and eventually dismissed. Problem is the salons with the high turnover rate are slow, and it’s hard for the stylist to get and stay in commission. The corporation also limit the type of service the stylist can perform, that’s letting money go straight out the door.
As a way to fix the high turnover rate starts with changing the