Essay about Human Resources Department's Hiring Process

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When the Human Resources Department tries to hiring new employees, they followed those five steps: staffing request, posting, interviewing, and approval. First of all, the Department Chair may receive a copy of the Staffing Request Form from the Office of Human Resources. When the Department Chair received, they are working to complete Part A of the form. After that, they sign in the suitable section of Part E, and giving the form to the Office of Human Resources along with a recent date or the description of the job’s position. The Office of Human Resources would complete Part B. Before the form return to the Office of Human Resources, it needs to review and approve by the Vice President and the Budget Director. When the Office of Human Resources received back the form, they are posting the form within 15 days. Next, they will review all application and pick the top three to five applicants for the position, and schedules interviews. After the Office of Human Resources interviewed the candidate, they return the form to the hiring department. Last, the form needs to have an approval by Department Chair, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources, Provost, and the Office of Social Equity.
A typical payroll accounting system processed by those steps: employee timesheet, payroll register, employee earning record, and paycheck. Employee timesheet is a blank paper to recording the time of arrival and leave of workers. Employers see this paper to recording the time that the workers spent on the job. For technology, the employers give a card to their employees. Employees just active the card on the machine, and the machine will recording the amount of hours that they are spending on the job. A form contains and summaries payroll information such as worker’s name, regular hours, sick hours, overtime hours, federal and state income taxes withheld, medical insurance, gross pay, and net pay is called payroll register. Employee earning record summarizes payroll data. Those data from employee earning record is used to prepare the employee’s W2, Wage and Tax Statement at the end of the year.…