Human Resources Management Roles Essays

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Human Resources Management Roles
Jessica Escanuela
April 22, 2013

Human Resources Management Roles
As a Human Resource Manager their position is to guide and manage the overall services. Policies, and programs within the organization. The major responsibility that a Human Resource Manager takes on are recruiting members, planning, performance evaluation, improve the systems, documenting policies or employees personal information, resource for employees, and compensation and benefits to name a few. Human Resource manager leads practices and objectives to provide high performances, quality, productivity, and accomplish goals of the workplace. As a Human Resource manager, it is their duty to implement people related to services, policies, and projects through the staff and report to the CEO of the facility and to advise the company managers about the issues that is going within the organization.
One of the functional roles of a Human Resource manager is to recruit employees of each department. As for hiring the right people for the right positions to take on the responsibility of the position along with reviewing their skills and ability to fulfill the requirements of the organization.
Performance evaluations is another role of Human Resource. They provide paperwork and the time frame of supervisors or other managers to complete an evaluation of each staff member for an update on any progress, improvements, or viewing productivity. In this result of evaluations this determines any promotions or terminations.
An important role of Human Resource is compensation and benefits. A Human Resource person is required to meet with new employees to carefully explain their insurance coverage and wage information. It is their responsibility to keep track of every staff member’s time sheets, vacation hours, sick time, as well as payroll.
Another important role for Human Resource manager is to be a source for employees to report any harassment, discrimination, or any form of abuse. They need to be able to handle any issue properly and professionally. Also needs to be able to