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Define Human resource management-
Defined as the effective management of the formal relationship between the employer and the employees
What are the 4 things a business should do to make the most of their employees?
Take care to hire the best people
Develop cooperative and effective working relationships
Motivate staff to do their best in the workplace
Provide employees with opportunities to training and development

Insert the human resources cycle fig 8.41.

Insert table 8.5


Exercise 8.14

Q1. Outline why determining staffing needs is an ongoing process

Staffing is an ongoing process that begins with finding the right people through proper planning, recruiting, and selecting. But staffing doesn't end once employees are hired; management must keep and nurture its people via training, appraising, compensating, and implementing employment decisions that determine such things as promotions, transfers, and layoffs.

Q3. Explain the relationships between job analysis, a job description and a job specification

Job analysis is a systematic study of each employee’s duties, tasks and work environment
Job description is a written statement describing the employees duties tasks and responsibilities associated with the job
Job specification is a list of the key qualifications needed to perform a particular job in terms of education, skills and experience

Q7. Summarise the two activities in the employment process: recruitment and selection

Recruitment is the process of attracting qualified job applicants from which select the most appropriate person for a specific job. This can involve either internal or external recruitment, depending on the businesses needs. Another factor that will influence this is the size of the business and the type of position available. The main sources of employees available include:
Private employment/ recruitment agencies (this is expensive but effective)
Schools, TAFE colleges or universities (this will ensure that they have qualifications)
Internal searches
Public employment agencies

Selection is when the employer chooses the most suitable applicant for a vacancy. This involves identifying the skills, qualifications and experience of each applicant, and relating them to the skills, qualification and experiences listed in the job specification, to achieve the closest possible match.

This can be achieved through:

Written application- Resume
Testing- these attempt to measure the personal characteristics
Interview- cover set questions to ensure consistency between applicants
Background checks- Referees, to gain an assessment of previous position

Q8. Distinguish between internal and external recruitment

Internal recruitment- involves filling job vacancies with present employees rather than looking outside the business
External recruitment involves filling people with job vacancies from outside the business

Training , Development and Maintenance

Insert table 8.6

Exercise 8.15
Q1. Identify the overall aim of training and development

Training and development are aimed at improving employees’ skills and abilities; they are necessary for both personal and business growth. The aim of training and development is to seek long-term change in employee’s skills, knowledge, attitudes and behavior in order to improve work performance in the business.

Q2. Distinguish between training and development

Training- provides employees with the right knowledge and skills to perform their job effectively and efficiently

Development- focuses on preparing the employee to take on more responsibilities within the business in the future

Q3. Propose reasons why you think ‘There is little evidence of a strong training culture within Australian workforces.’ Share your answer with the rest of the