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HU 345 Unit 8 Project Guidelines
In this assignment, you will begin to organize your application project by finalizing any resources you may be using and submitting an annotated bibliography and outline of your editorial piece.
Keep in mind the goal of an editorial is to present a persuasive argument on an issue that is of some importance to the readers. You want to bring awareness and encourage continued rational dialogue on the issue. To this end you will research and present an analysis of the various arguments that oppose your position
To get ideas for possible topics, look at the news headlines over the past two weeks or check out the issues that are being decided in the courts such as key cases before the Supreme Court
Your Outline should include the following:
Title for your article (keep in mind this will be the initial attention getter)
Outline: (include a full sentence description of what you will use in each area)
• Introduction of Issue o Background o Thesis statement
• Discussion of your position (sentence describing what strategic argument style you intend to use to present your position)
• Discussion of opposing positions (sentence describing what type of arguments you intend to analyze as text and/or visual arguments from credible sources you have selected)
• Discussion of why the audience should care (sentence on how you intend to establish your "warrant")
• Conclusion (sentence describing what type of argument you will use to convince the audience as to why they should agree with you)
References (list the references you will use in an annotated bibliography)
An annotated bibliography is simply a bibliography that includes a brief analysis of each entry. Your goal is to identify at least three sources that you think adequately present the viewpoint that opposes your position. For each source, you should prepare a bibliographic entry with the following information:
• A full bibliographic entry with information such as: title, author, place of publication (book, periodical, website, etc.), date of publication, page numbers
• A brief (1 or 2 sentence) summary of the main topic of the text
• A longer (2 to 4 sentence) discussion of why you think this text is an appropriate choice for your Application Project
Please use the APA style to guide your citations. For a summary of how to cite electronic and non-electronic references using the APA style, please refer to the relevant material in the Kaplan University Writing Center. The best places to look for texts are the Kaplan University Library, which you may access using the Go To Library button on this course’s home page, and the main public library in your area. You may also conduct Internet searches on a high-quality search engine; to search using Google
As you select your sources, please evaluate them for credibility. Trusted sources include peer-reviewed print publications and some web sources that republish material of that sort. But, many self-published websites are too inferior to be of much use for this assignment. If you feel it is really useful to do so, you may include one self-published Web source, but Internet publications should not constitute