Functions Of Human Resources

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Human ResourcesA New Way6/26/2013Valerie Rivera |

Human resources have been responsible for making the business world go around for many years. The responsibilities of this department have been multiplied as time goes by. With the expansion of businesses all over the world, there has been a demand for growth in the Human Resources departments as well. The daily functions of these departments have grown as well. In business, there is no separation between the business growing and the Human Resources department staying the same. It is critical to any company’s success to have an innovative and committed human resources team.
As we look at different businesses, we also take a look at the foundation of these businesses.We look at the external strengths and weaknesses as well as scrutinize the internal strengths and weaknesses. Years ago we measured the company’s success merely by their existence and monetary gain. However, we never really gave praises where it was due. You didn’t hear much about the hard work that the marketing team or the management had to incorporate in order to achieve a stable spot in the business world. Recognition did not come to the founding departments as it does today. The rewards were complimented towards the hard-working employees that were performing front-line duties or the higher up team who owned or had the finances to back the business.
Today; however, there is a new way of thinking. There is a different type of recognition in the business world today. There is concrete appreciation amongst the corporate world for the true foundation of any growing and prosperous business. The Human Resources department covers all grounds in the office allowing the front –line employees to perform their jobs without concern of other significant issues that could get in the way of a job well done. The Human Resources department contributes so much to the prosperity of the company by handling all the homework for the company. They know what trials and adversities the company is faced with. They know the financial burdens that are brought forth and they innovate ways to grow past these barriers. They research the competition in the business and from ways to get ahead of the game. They serve as a