Essay on Human Resources and Ron Brown

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Assignment # 2 – Comprehensive Case: “Muffler Magic”
Strayer University

Human Resource Management
Professor Callahan
September 5th, 2010 Comprehensive Case: “Muffler Magic”
Muffler Magic is a fast growing chain of 25 automobile service centers in Nevada. Originally started 20 years ago as a muffler repair shop by Ronald Brown, the chain expanded rapidly to new locations, and as it did so Muffler Magic also expanded the service it provided, from replacement to oil changes, brake jobs, and engine repair. Today, one can bring an automobile to a Muffler Magic shop for basically any type of service, from tires to mufflers to engine repair.
Auto Service is a tough business, The shop owner is basically dependent upon the quality of
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The HR hiring manager will ask three basic questions that will determine whether the person has the skills to do the job. Along with how they function under pressure and how well they will fit into the team. Even you have read over a candidates resume doesn’t mean they have the necessary skills. So, one of the questions the HR hiring manager should ask is; what experience, knowledge, and skills do you have with air brakes systems, anti-lock, mufflers, engine, transmission or brake diagnostic equipment? Identify the diagnostic program. Notice how the interviewee quickly answers the question, how complete/correct the answer is, and whether they actually answer what you asked or go off to something with which they are more familiar with.
The second questions will determine how well the interviewee handles being under pressure. You want people who can function well when things get confusing or difficult. The hiring manager will ask a question like, “Tell me about a stressful situation that occurred repeatedly on your last job and how you handled it”? Again, the important thing here is how quickly, directly, and completely they answer the question.
The third question is the most important attribute, you need someone who will fit with the team and be a productive member, someone who will add to the team and not be a distraction. You are looking for the best fit. In addition to personality,