Essay about Human Resourse

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I disagree with the statement. Social networking is a space for everyone to express their feeling and create an opportunity to communicate with each other regardless to their personal matter or public affairs. The invasion of accessing to their social networking accounts is a clear invasion of their privacy as well. Also, it will limit the employee’s performance than usual. Furthermore, it is violating the terms of service for social networking sites.

Access to job candidates’ social networking accounts is like asking for the key to enter their homes and conduct a ‘sport-check’ of what they are doing. For example, those photos posted years ago in Facebook or twitter which is the period where most of the teenager enjoyed their legal age in the club may reflect a bad impression to the manager when they access the candidate’s profile. They might lose their job just because of this. Also, prejudgment was made by the human resource managers without clarified with the employee their information on the profile will eventually give up the job opportunity to other candidate. Once the password is given to the human resource managers, candidate must be aware that the human resource department consists of quite number of employee; their password must be passing over to different in-charge person. Different people access to their account checking their information making candidate spending most of the day worried of what might have find out instead of putting full attention on the work and works it well. Also, they must be living in non-privacy daily lifestyle as they don’t know when will be the day their account being hacked by someone else by posting non-related post or doing something else on the account. Worst cases, those who access to the candidate’s account can change their password without priority notices.

As we have mention above, social networking is a space that creates for everyone to express their feeling regardless on the stress on work or the happiness among them. According to the statistics, those who express their feeling to their friend tend to work much better than their usual performance. Stepping into working industry will be facing a lot of stress. The invasion to their social networking account will take over their freedom on expressing themselves on the work which will increase their burden as the time pass by. This will eventually affect their performance on the work which in turn will affect the company as well.

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