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Human Rights in China

Article Summary:
This article is about the humans rights in China and how the meeting of President Obama with President Xi Jinping is a serious opportunity to send the right message to the Chinese government. China’s relationship with America will depend on how the Chinese government treats its own citizens and whether or not it accepts human-rights standards. Twenty years ago, the Chinese government wouldn't even consider talking about humans Rights. Now a day they do but only with human-rights dialogues. Therefore President Obama should raise cases of imprisoned dissidents. A men was sentenced to prison for 11 years for recommending a peaceful transition to democracy. The men was convicted under the section 105 of the criminal code (incitement to subvert state power). The men wife was put under house arrest even though she didn't violated any law. Taking a stronger stance on human rights in China, President Obama has the potential to help free political prisoners, advance democratic reform in China and protect America.

Why is this an issue or a concern?
This is an issue because Chinese citizens are not able to have the right to speak with out getting sentenced to prison.

Why is this a “global” concern?
It is a global concern because the Chinese government will quit trading with America, a country whose goods it needs, because of a strong human-rights stand by President Obama.

Who is affected?
This issue mostly affects Chinese citizens because they don’t get the right to speak whats on there mind. It would also kinda affect America if Chinese government quits trading with them.

Who is…