Human Rights Essay

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“Human rights are the freedoms and basic rights to all humans, they deal with how people live together and adopted by the United Nations in 1948.” (What are human rights?)

Human rights related to almost all the aspects of human life which include economic rights, political rights, Social rights, civil rights and cultural rights etc…
As a rule of human rights in work place of New Zealand, The Human Rights Act 1993 is very important to life of New Zealander.

“The Human Rights Act 1993 came into force on 1st February 1994.” (Human Rights Act 1993)

The Act is aimed to keep the equal environment in work place without discrimination. It makes employers to assume responsibility for any discrimination which happened in the work place whether it caused by employees or employers.


“The human rights act 1993 is created for protect the human rights and fundamental freedoms in the work place, to keep an environment of equality which without discrimination.” (Your businese and the law, 2010)
This act is a guideline to tell the owner of business how to ensure that their business does not discriminate on any of the prohibited grounds.
A Business must care about that it cannot discriminate when it is employing staff and providing goods or services.

There will be many problems if without the Human Rights Act 1993.
“In the 2006 Census, the median annual income from all sources for people aged over 15 was $31,500 for men and $19,100 for women in New Zealand.” (Dr Judy McGregor, 2011)
That means there still got the difference in employment, the owner of business tend to hire men much more than woman. This is a common problem in society. Women have been very unequal treatment. The problem will only get worse if without the Human Rights Act 1993. And this is just one of many problems in human rights.

“This act is aimed to avoid the happen of discrimination in the work place, means treating people differently when they has different sex, sexual orientation, marital status, ethical belief, religious belief, ethnic, colour, national origins, race, employment status, disability, , political opinion, age, family status, sexual harassment, and racial harassment.” (Human Rights Act 1993)
The human rights act 1993 and hospitality industry has very close relationship. For example the employees has right to ask the same treatment from employers, such as the disable people has the same right to work in hospitality industry with normal people.

Relate to hospitality industry, “Hospitality service providers must treat customers, guests and clients fairly and equitably.” (HUMAN RIGHTS IN THE, 2010)
For example, every customer has equal chance to get the service or accommodation. The most common discrimination in hospitality industry is unfair treatment to disable person. The cash register should provide a visual menu to persons with hearing impairment. The restaurant or hotel should allow person who needs a service dog for assistance with their dog at all time in restaurant or hotel.
Another main problem in hospitality industry is that discriminates or harasses a person based on their sexual orientation or gender. For example, some hotel denies rent a room to a same-sex couples or gives substandard service to them. The service provider should not allow anyone harasses other people on their sexual orientation gender or sexual orientation.

The regulatory department in New Zealand is human right commission. The Human Rights Commission was aimed to give better protection