Human Rights Essay

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Human Rights

Freedom is the right to do anything you want without strictly laws or rules to follow. Human beings have the right to act, speak, see, write, hear and even breathe simply because we are all humans. What are human rights? Human rights are the right to have equality among everyone with the perspective of morals in their mind.

Since thousands of years ago, people would adjust to their communities building systems to try and make their societies prosper. Regional kingdoms centralized governments, City states and so forth. Through these systems, the ruling elite party did not give too much freedom to the people. People did not have the power to do what they wanted. Separation of classes between the Ruler, Elite, Peasants, and Slaves was what made the societies. The man had dominance over woman. Most of the societies were patriarchal. Even now there is a sense of the world still having societies like they were before. Only now, societies like the United States have inalienable rights. Some other people don’t even know the definition of human rights in their own lives. For example, In North Korea, Kim Joung-un has the power over the country. The people support him and think that everyday life is to praise him. They love Kim Joung-un; they think he is the only deputy. These people don't have the knowledge or experience of human rights; therefore, they cannot make any assumptions, rebellions, and judgments to compare what they are capable of doing without having to depend on Kim Joung-un.

Human Rights are very important to society. We are able to speak our mind without having our heads decapitated. We are able to believe in any religion that interests us without getting persecuted. Women are now becoming more independent than ever before. The 16-year-old girl from Pakistan won a noble prize because she stood up for women education while getting shot and survived. Hillary Clinton was the first woman to run for presidency, even though she didn’t win the election, she was able to prove that women are slowly gaining power and stereotypes are only stereotypes. Women can become powerful as men.

Slavery has been around for thousands of years, and it’s still going on today in parts of South America, Africa and even Asia. The 13th Amendment abolished slavery in the United States helping