Essay on Human Rights and emotionally Powerful Argument

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Capital Punishment
Dear Phil Bryant, Capital punishment is a controversial subject that I would like to address my position on regarding the subject. I am against the whole idea of capital punishment and feel as if it should be abolished. There is no ethics or morals behind putting anyone to death. I believe there are other methods for punishing the criminals who commit those horrible crimes. The concept of capital punishment is a contradiction of human rights. “Like killings which take place outside the law, the death penalty denies the value of human life. By violating the right to life, it removes the foundation for realization of all rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights” (The Death Penalty V. Human Rights: Why Abolish the Death Penalty?, 2007). In the state of Mississippi as well as others, killing or murdering is against the law. Those who violate this law in a horrendous way are then imprisoned and killed. How can you punish someone killing and then counteract by killing them when clearly it states that killing or murdering is wrong? “It is an emotionally powerful argument. It is also one which, if valid, would invalidate the basis for human rights. If a person who commits a terrible act can "deserve" the cruelty of death, why cannot others, for similar reasons, "deserve" to be tortured or imprisoned without trial or simply shot on sight? Central to fundamental human rights is that they are inalienable. They may not be taken away even if a person has committed the most atrocious of crimes. Human rights apply to the worst of us as well as to the best of us, which is why they protect all of us” (The Death Penalty V. Human Rights: Why Abolish the Death Penalty?, 2007) My biggest problem with capital punishment is the `killing of the innocent prisoners. This shows discrimination displayed by the state. The prisoners who are not financially advantaged to appeal their cases and prove their innocence are victims to this punishment. The fact that it is a permanent act