Essay about Human Rights and Golding

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Essay: Golding

Golding expresses many messages through his book ‘lord of the flies.’
When we examine the title itself we see a lot of meaning behind it. ‘Lord of the flies’ is a reference to the devil. In Christianity the lord of the flies is the devil. Golding is giving us the message that we act like devils and hate potentially hate each other. If it wasn’t for the fragile lies of human rights and civilisation upon us. The Human rights are immensely violated because the little children don’t get a say about anything, 2 children are murdered in gruesome ways and there is like a little food chain pattern going on. At the bottom of the so called food chain we have the little’uns and right at the top we have people like Jack, Roger, Ralph and the more demanding characters.
I think that one of the points that Golding is trying to get across is that people shouldn’t be complacent because of a certain nationality of people or anything. In the book people are killed senselessly because of them being taken away from civilisation. They are not thinking things through before they act. The children think just because they are British they will make it out of the island fit and healthy. But this isn’t the case at all some of the children don’t make it out the island at all and most of the others come out half starved to death and sick because of the lack of different food groups.
This can also show that just because humans think that they are civilised it doesn’t mean that they necessarily are. At the end of the day civilised is just another word that humans use to flatter themselves with and sound much more advanced and dominant than the animal kingdom. In this Golding’s book we see that the children begin to act like animals and show