Essay Human Rights and Health Care Service

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Equality helps to insure that people have the same equal rights and opportunities. No matter where someone works they deserve the right to be treated as an equal and the same as the people whether they work in the health department or the technical hard labour field they deserve the same equal rights. Equality can also mean creating fair and just society, if people are aware that they have the right to equality then they will disagree with the abuse and torment meaning they are helping themselves. This will enable people such as the older generation to feel empowered so that they ask to be treated the same and this can be ensured by the doctors giving them what they need instead of ignoring their pleas, and if the doctors do not fulfil their role then they can possibly get in trouble for not doing as they were told.

This term refers to the difference between individuals whether it’s based on race, culture and even possibly ethnicity. This means that everyone should be respected and valued not based on their differences but on their personality because this will enable us to not discriminate against others. In many Hospitals and health care service they have specific rules which teaches that they cannot harm a person or ill-treat a person based on their differences.
The whole purpose of differences is for recognizing and understanding our individual differences and embracing them, and moving beyond simple tolerance, we can create a productive environment in which everybody feels valued. When a patient decides to visit a health care service he/she should not be