Human Service Agencies in NYC Essay

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Daniel Lunden
Week 2 Assignment 1
August 31st, 2014

New York City is one of the most diverse cities in the world, because of this there are a lot of different Human service agencies available to the public.

Here are just a few:
Foundation for Fighting Blindness – help for the blind and visually impaired
American Cancer Society – help for people dealing with cancer
Advocates for Children – Children’s education and health services
Elderly Crime Victims Center
Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous – help with substance abuse
League for the Hard of Hearing – help for the deaf and hearing impaired
Project Inform – Information on Drugs for HIV / AIDS patients
Hotlines for:
Caregivers 800-896-3650
Child abuse 800-342-3720
Domestic Violence 800-621-4673
LIFENET – Crisis Intervention Referrals for Emotional and Substance Abuse Problems

I chose to research the American Cancer Society (ACS) and Project Inform because both help people with a disease or illness. Both organizations will help anyone with cancer (ALS) or HIV/AIDS/Hepatitis (Project Inform). The goals of both organizations is to find help for people in need that don’t have anywhere else to turn, or to provide support for people going through the illness while they are receiving treatment. ALS tends to stay in the background more than Project Inform; because the American Cancer Society is better known, they usually let people come to them, rather than scouting for new people to