Human Services Administration: So You Want To Help People

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HSM/220 Human Services Administration: So You Want To Help People 08/18/2013
Scenario Solution

As more and more students drop out of schools is important to put money together in order to open up more programs that will help them gain the educational skills that will ensure that students learn the skills they need to obtain a job and be able to accomplish their tasks successfully. Making this happen will take close attention and a lot of work, understanding, and conversation. To define goals and share achievements as they happen from all teams which include educators, students, and the community. The challenge is to provide high school drop-outs with enough information and help them boost their confidence to find a job.
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There will be many community members that will not support the program since it will be using money assign to the city to help drop-outs. They will question the integrity of the program and the need for it, since high schools students are already provided with free education, they will try every excuse possible to avoid giving the program any money. They will state that drop-out students should have finished school since it was free and mention that they should not cooperate to give them a second chance since they did not appreciated what they were given before. We will then explain that schools in the community are already losing money due to the high numbers in drop-out students, numbers that keep rising. We will make clear, that our program is not encouraging students to drop-out; instead we want them to go back and finish what they have started. Our program will refresh the education system by teaching the community the importance of continuing their education.

For the program to reach its goals, we must provide incentives for employees. Motivation and rewards are very much intertwined. When certain conditions exist, reward systems have been demonstrated to motivate performance (Lawler, 1971; Vroom,1964) When workers are given incentives they will strive to do their best at work. The best way to implement this idea is to design a reward system. For example, the employees that are the most successful in