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Human Services Memo
To: All Employees
From: Tabatha Jones
CC: All Employees
Date: November 28, 1976

Re: New Legislation

This purpose of this memo is to familiarize all of you with the ruling of the Tarasoff v Regent of the University of California. This decision imposes a duty to warn potential victims of clients mentioning causing harm. It is your sole responsibility to share this information with your supervisors, the potential victim, and the authorities if you should decide that this client presents a danger of violence to another. You need to be willing to take whatever steps necessary to protect not only your client in these circumstances, but also any potential victims.
When someone’s life may be in danger, and it is your client threatening this life, this allows you as a human services worker the right to breach the client’s confidentiality rights. This action alone causes your client to give up any privacy rights that they have. This new legislation will protect you and the company from being held responsible for any actions take. And as human services workers it is our sole responsibility to look out for our clients, anyone in connection with them, and ourselves.
Due to this new legislation, we will now be providing clients with a disclosure statement outlining our code of ethics policies. Please make sure that your client fully understands these policies and agrees to abide by all standards mentioned. Once it is made clear that the client fully understands and…