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An Annotated Bibliography for Does Age Matter In Relationships

How young is too young? In past centuries the views on age or even age differences in relationships were both ignored and accepted. Most girls would begin their life as a mother or wife between the ages of 14 and 16 and that was normal. While today that is solely unacceptable and frowned upon. There is several laws that protect both women and men from becoming an adult too soon. While some may support relationships at any age, most parents and authorities, and scientist who study teens understand why it can be harmful.

Annotated Bibliography
Harden, K. P. "True Love Waits? A Sibling-Comparison Study of Age at First Sexual Intercourse and Romantic Relationships in Young Adulthood." Psychological Science 23.11 (2012): 1324-336. ProQuest Research Library. Web. 6 Mar. 2015. <>.
This articles describes the studies of the how the effects of sexual maturity at an early age affects teens. It examines the risk of unplanned pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, depression, and even delinquency. It can force the teenage into life changes and situations way before their time. A teenage who experiences sexual relations often struggles to fit amongst normal teen their age due to a higher maturity level and expectancy. Sexual relations at an early age can uproot the normal lifestyle a teenager is offered. The information in this article is very convincing and precise. When studying early sexual relations in teens it is important to study the result over a long period time to gather the effects it has on the teenagers life. This article does a good job of explaining their theory and showing their results.
For me this article gives me some important information to begin my research paper. This article outlines the factors that can result in sexual relations in an early age.

Zimmer-Gembeck, Melanie J., Wendy H. Ducat, and Marie-Aude Boislard-Pepin. "A Prospective Study of Young Females’ Sexual Subjectivity: Associations with Age, Sexual Behavior, and Dating." Archives of Sexual Behavior 40.5 (2011): 927-38. ProQuest Research Library. Web. 6 Mar. 2015. <>.
Sexual self perceptions is important during adolescence and early adulthood. Studies in this article show that teens who experience adult relationships and sexual intercourse have trouble identifying and maturing with their sexual identity. Such as body esteem, perceptions of entitlement to desire and please, sexual efficacy and sexual reflection were investigated as elements of early sexual activity. All sexual subjectivity elements were higher among teens who had more sexual experience or had a steady romantic partner. Overall teens who experience sexual activity at an early age seem to thrive on the passion and experience prolonged cravings and desires for it in their life.
This article is very helpful and critical when understanding the change sexual relations has on the body and its needs. It is essential for this article to be as detailed and in depth because it covers a broad range of what sexual relations can do to a teenage and their mind set.
It offers a lot of useful material, but not all is suitable for my topic and supports my argument. Although, I will use rare bits of the information to side with my argument.

Dixon-Mueller, Ruth. "How Young Is “Too Young”? Comparative Perspectives on Adolescent Sexual, Marital, and Reproductive Transitions." Studies in Family Planning 39.4: 247-62. JSTOR. Web. 6 Mar. 2015. <>.

In this article if focuses on the question of how young is too young? It emphasizes the concerns of when the body and mind is ready to endure an adult relationship and sexual behaviors. It also studies the criterias for assessing when a