Human Sexuality Essay

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u08a1 Case Study Counseling Plan
Due 6/3/12

Dr. Sternberg-- instructor

By Elaine V. Y.


Page 1-------Table of Content

Page 2--------An Assessment of the sexuality of the couple’s relationship;

Page 3-------- Dynamics of the relationship; Multi-axial diagnostic;

Page 5---- Sexual Response; Analysis and comparison of the sexual response cycle and the concept of sexual normality

Page 6-7-----Goals for Treatment

Page 8------ Ethical and culturally-relevant approaches to treating any sexual issues

Assessment of Sexual Issues

James and Mary
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Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is the medical term for difficulties obtaining and keeping an erection. It is a sexual health problem that affects about 30 million men. Erectile disorder is common occurrence in men. Attitudes toward sex and performance anxiety are related McCabe (2005). Sexual dysfunction may lead to a lower sex drive to not wanting to have sex at all. Unsatisfied sexual experiences can lead to other various the relational psychological issues. One of the most common types of dysfunctions is low desire and arousal. This disrupts the sexual response cycle in the first two phases of desire and arousal. The client’s personality factors and psychological issues could also impact erectile functioning in a negative way. Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder can make it difficult to keep feelings of sexual desire and focus behavior enough to have satisfactory erections.

Creation of three measurable goals for treatment Treatment for Erectile dysfunction must address all of the contributing factors such as the physical, psychological and social areas for the client. It also must be brought all together thoroughly and be intimacy-based. The first thing to do is discuss how to set goals by Setting a Goal-- 1) decide on a goal you want to reach 2) decide on the steps you will need to