Narrative Essay About The Journey

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Fiara Causo
English 8B
Thesis: TBS helped me find myself as a person and get more confident in myself and who I am. In Costa Rica not only did I get to see how strong I could be but also it helped me be more bonded to everyone. I got to know my classmates like I’ve never knew before, It was extremely interesting for me to see their different personalities and sides. During the hike we all had our problems and difficulties but in the end with everyone’s help we all made it safe and sound with memories that we’ll cherish forever. “Terrified I look down, the only think are rocks, but I know there’s only During this trip I also felt like I let my walls down I let people see the real me hoping they’ll accept me. In return I got more than I wanted not only did people accept I got to make memories that’ll I’ll remember forever. At the end of the trip I found myself thinking about the future and how ill probably never see all the friends I’ve made these year, all these thoughts brought me to tears these school taught me how I was and let me meet all these friends and thinking how ill never see that again it brought me sadness and tears. What I really like about TBS is how the classes are small it helped me be more confident in myself and speak up more in class. If there were more people in this grade or class I feel like they’re be more cliques and I wouldn’t be as close to people for this reason I felt like TBS really helped me find myself as a person and be more confident in myself. In TBS we did a play called The Wiz I love to dance and act so I was really excited for