Human Trafficing Essay

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According to The United States Department of Justice over 800,000 people are trafficked around the world each year for the purpose of prostitution, forced labor and other forms of exploitation an estimated (17,500) seventeen thousand five hundred victims are trafficked, brought into the
United States, illegally for prostitution, each year. The number of United States citizens that are trafficked within the country is even higher. It's estimated that (244,000) two hundred forty four thousand American children each year are at a high risk of being trafficked into the sex industry in this country alone.

As the book Human Trafficking by Joyce heart a lot of foreign women are coursed into this country by the promises of money, jobs, education. The promises are instantly broken and the women are trapped in a new country as a sex slave.

Human trafficking will continue to grow and have its devastating effects that it has in the United States and other countries. We need to learn how to protect the innocent victims and punish the evil perpetrators.

By the end of this presentation you're going to understand the definition of human trafficking and ways that you can help combat human trafficking
A simple definition is that Human Trafficking is a modern-day form of slavery. The international organization for migration estimates twenty seven billion
Slaves still exist today…. this is more slaves they were present before the civil war.

The United States trafficking victims protection act of (2000) two thousand.

Defines human trafficking in two parts sex trafficking and labor trafficking both types of trafficking including the recruitment, harboring, transportation and prevention of free personal action a person by force fraud and coercion but he warns of these definitions are forced fraud and who are sick

sex trafficking is for the purpose of the commercial sex act which the person who is forced to participate and is under eighteen years of age labor trafficking is for the purpose of labor and subjects the person to involuntary sop servitude debt bondage for slavery now trafficking and smuggling are often confused but they are not the same thing.

Smuggling is a crime against a country's borders known as illegal border crossing but human trafficking is a crime against a person now the scope of human trafficking is huge after drug-dealing human trafficking ranks with arms dealing as the second largest criminal industry in the world and it's also the fastest growing industry the total market value of human trafficking is estimated to be any excess of thirty two billion dollars yes you can't be seen pictures of victims have been involved in various forms of human trafficking remember the education welfare ager social standing really do not keep a person from becoming a victim of human trafficking traffickers often prey on people who are hoping for a better life for they're looking for better employment opportunities are they have an