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Human trafficking European & American Perspectives

Their were three important speakers
1. Dr. Robert Barney, Assistant Professor of Social Work at the Richard Stockton college.
2. Dr. Janice Joseph, Professor of Criminal Justice at the Richard Stockton College.
3. Shandra Woworuntu, Survivor of Human Trafficking and survivor advocate voices of hope safe.
The event was about exploring the relationship between Human Sex Trafficking, prostitution on how human trafficking is a modern day for slavery, is a global problem and one of the worlds most shameful crimes. Effecting the lives of millions of people around the world and. Robbing them of them of their dignity.
I had a little bit of an idea on what was Human trafficking, but when I went to the panel discussion, I got to know a lot more about human trafficking and it was very tragedy to listen to Shandra Woworunty talk about her personal life story and the other people she also helped. I thought you only watch the kind of stories on movies, but when you actually hear the from the person in front of you it's very sad to know that their is so many people who gets lie to come to the dream country to make money but when they get here everything is a lie and they gorse them to Prostitute them self.

El idioma Espanol es uno de los mas importantes en la actualidad, debido a el alto porcentaje de la población Mundial que lo habla, especialmente en America Latina y Espana. se estima que en el ano 2050 será el lenguaje