Essay about Human Trafficking

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Isaac Hernandez
Professor Johnson
English 1301
Human Trafficking Have you ever had a bad dream that you felt you couldn’t wake up from? Imagine being passed around by different men every day for sex. Human trafficking is a trade in humans for sexual slavery or labor. About 70 percent are female and half are children between the ages of 9 to 19. Every year women, children, and men disappear and get trapped in this horrible circumstance. According to Andrea Parrot in “Forsaken Females” human trafficking is the third largest international crime industry and generates a profit of $32 billion every year? Trafficking not only affects the victim, but it also effects our society as a whole.
Traffickers get their victims by making promises or painting a picture of a better life, such as a good job, education, even marriage. They look for girls who are runaways, immigrants because they are easier to manipulate. Once captured against their will traffickers will beat and rape their victims over and over again to ensure them who their new owner is. They begin by transporting the victims through trucks from all over to Europe, China, Africa, and to the United States. They get sold to individuals for large amounts of money. Some even start working in the streets as prostitutes, in clubs, and massage parlors. But when not working they are kept in warehouse or basements with no food or water. Traffickers take them to secluded areas so that their cries for help aren’t heard. Sometimes if the victims do not follow orders as told some would get beaten in front of others to show how serious they are, or worse sometimes some wouldn’t come back at all. Victims from human trafficking also face physical abuse with overall health problems. These girls are constantly being drugged with non sterilized needles so that way they can continue to work without any problems. They suffer many assaults with no medical attention that may cause health problems that will need long-term treatments. Women are usually victims of non consent touching, oral sex, and sexual intercourse with or without objects. Women don’t have access to condoms or birth control which leads to