Human Trafficking Essay

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Human Trafficking In the world today there is about 27 million slaves in the world. 200,000 people are currently enslaved in the United States. Human Trafficking is the fastest growing illegal industry in the globe. The governments try to enforce it, but it doesn’t have the caliber to stop it. To destroy this outrage, there’s only one way, to enforce it by the voice of humanity. Human trafficking has been a major problem for the past decades. The issue in Human Trafficking is that innocent people are being exploited to orders. This includes children and adults that are held captive from the outside world to daily cruelty. The brothels of the globe are designed to force people in inhumane conditions like sex trade, prostitution, and forced labor. As the years go by, the statistics of human trafficking increases. Victims of Human Trafficking in the United States include citizen or foreign nationals, adults or minors, and women or men. There are about 27 million slaves and 6 million of them are female. Sex traffickers get people as young as 6 months old. There conditions are unbearable and inhumane. These innocent people can be sold over and over again, as they have no mercy over them. Brutal punishments are severe if the person doesn’t obey the “master”. They have no choice and they are in a nightmare no one can wake them up.
This immense issue has its solution. There are red flags to this; you can investigate if a person is under human trafficking. For common work