Human Trafficking Essay

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Mrs. Waltors
English 10
7 May 2013
Human trafficking Many people in today’s society know little or nothing about human trafficking and it’s harm to our country, and so many others, because they either do not know that it still exists or because they refuse to accept that this is still a crime that our country has to face. We may not have to read about the consequences of human trafficking everyday in our newspapers but it still exists, and its time that our country taught it’s citizens that this is continuing to happen and what we, as a united people, can do to stop it. Human trafficking is also most commonly referred to as modern day slavery. (unodc) The victims are usually acquired for agricultural work, house keeping, or commercial sex.(fbi) It implies that one person is of greater importance, or more human, than another. Not only is human trafficking wrong morally, but it ignores a person’s life, freedoms, and humanity as a whole.(caseact) On that note, for someone to traffic humans today, is no different then having slaves in any other time. (Haerens. Intro) Most of the victims recorded are women and children who are poor, unemployed, or who do not have access to adequate social networks.(fbi) People who fit this profile are easy targets because they have much fewer social connections than other possible candidates. (fbi) Slaves a long time ago, when it was legal, had little or no rights. Very much like the trafficked victims in this day and age. Victims are forced physically or blackmailed into doing manual labour, domestic servitude, and child begging.(unodc) However, the main reason today is for sexual exploitation. (unodc) Contrary to what many people might think, human trafficking does not actually have to involve the movement of the victims. As apposed to other crimes, human trafficking has become the fastest growing national crime to this day and the numbers go up every year.(Haerens. Intro) In the United States it is estimated that100,000 children in the U.S. are trafficked for sex trade per year.(polarisproject) Surprisingly the most common age for a child to be trafficked for sex is thirteen.(caseact) The average number of victims around the world is 12.3 million.(caseact) With that many people being trafficked we should be able to identify much more of them. We do not evens know who one percent of them are.(polarisproject) The reason for this is because charging a person for the crime of trafficking is very hard to carry through with.(Haerens. Intro) Usually the victim coming forward to accuse the suspect of such a crime needs proof that they were in fact held against their will, smuggled, not paid, or blackmailed.(caseact) Although the trafficking of humans is seen as morally wrong in the majority of the United States citizen’s eyes, some third world countries have grown to accept it.(Haerens. Intro) In places such as these it is perfectly legal to buy a