Essay about human trafficking

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Ashley Phonenaly Thepvongsa
January 21st, 2015
U.S History

The dark and only side of Human Trafficking

Though the process is much more complex and more work is put into it, human trafficking is no greater or better than the selling of the thousands and thousands of slaves in the 18-1900’s. The crime is the exact same as one another. But it is true that there is more effort put into trafficking than in slavery back then. Technology and more input of knowledge plays a part in human trafficking. Men, women and children of both sexes are sold globally for child labor and or sold as sex slaves and the majority of those men, women and children, have no choice but to suffer through it. So, what do human traffickers gain from this heinous crime? What the human traffickers gain from the whole job is based around financial gain, to gain power or to be in control, to grasp their desires at the hands of the innocent, to feel something, and reputational cause is also a factor in their profit to being human traffickers. Right next to drug trafficking, human trafficking is the second worst crime in the world. An unbelievable amount of countries are involved in the crimes of human trafficking. Some of the countries involved in any version of trafficking humans include: The United States, Russia, South, Central, and East Asia, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and many sectors of Africa. Various trafficking of humans in any sort involve child labor, sex slavery, prostitution, organ trafficking, child brides, child soldiering, bonded labor, and many more. The worst part about all of this is that none of these cruel trafficking acts are consensual from the victims. Many children and women are often sold as profit and or kidnapped off of the streets. Some parents even give up their children themselves so they can get money out of it. It is often because of their families’ debt is needing to be paid, which would declare that the parents were and are desperate enough to do such an awful thing which is still being seen around the world, today. Knowing that there are children varying from the earliest as one years old being sold away as profit is absolutely disturbing and heart wrenching. Those men and even women doing this to these innocent people do not have any morals and must not understand the value of a human life. All they can see is status and money out of selling them away.
Asia Pacific has risen to be THE number one country in human trafficking earning 51.8 billion dollars per year through forced labor. Asia became a hub for human trafficking as earliest as 1932 at the start of World War II. Women were forced into sex slavery in many different sections of Asia in itself and ever since, it has became an international affair. Many people from around the world visit Asia that are part of human trafficking and use places like Thailand. Japan, Lao PDR, China, and Cambodia to trade their women and children, transit and is a sanctuary to have encounters with the slaves. The people that are trafficked are completely and utterly under no control of themselves whatsoever. Once they are captured, the said traffickers strip them of everything. It’s all a planned procedure. Most of them are tricked into thinking they are being helped or are being offered a big opportunity to change their lives. They give up their information or the traffickers study them. Once they have them, they get their passports taken, money, any way of contact, and worst of all strip them of their humanity. They no longer speak for themselves, can go days or weeks without food or water, and are compelled to do as their boss says. If they defy their boss, they are beaten and often times killed for disobeying. Some of the trafficked are very lucky if they are found again and are freed from the shackles of human trafficking. But some of them don’t make it out. They are brainwashed for so long and are treated so horribly that they can become delusional or so numb to the